Devi - Santai Massage

I am Devi
a warm welcome

(born 1978)
toucher & companion
Health Practitioner (BfG) & Lecturer for Sexual Culture DGAM

My path to becoming a toucher and companion began several years ago. Out of personal experiences I felt more and more the heart's desire to get to know my body as an enjoyable part of me. I enjoyed my first tantric massage.

Now the desire to learn more about this profound and holistic bodywork and its effect on body, mind and soul grew and I attended my first self-experience seminar. My body enjoyed this wonderful and mindful attention. Out of this experience I completed the trainings to become a tantra and women's masseuse.

My heart opened and my body perception changed. I felt a strong belonging and how important this work is. I gained a whole new attitude towards life, which I would like to pass on to you as well.

Since then, I follow my vision to accompany people on their way to perceive their body as an enjoyable part of their being - to accept it - to let it grow.

I would be happy to create a space of experience for you, where you can trustfully let yourself go. I am there for you through my empathetic and emphatic way as well as loving attentiveness.

From the bottom of my heart, I look forward to meeting you, see you soon!


My trainings and further education:  

Course for wellness practitioner of the terramedus academy.

Training as a tantric masseuse IISB® with Nhanga Grunow and Didi Liebold
Hormone massage with Melanie Fritz

Further training in pelvic floor and anal massage with Nhanga Grunow
Training as a women's masseuse with Nhanga Grunow, Perlentor

Certification as health practitioner (BfG) and lecturer for sexual culture DGAM

Advanced training as a companion for disabled and elderly people.

Individual appointments

Santai-Massage for women

Santai-Massage for men

Santai women massage - Break New Ground

Intuitive Massage for women

Intuitive Massage for men

Phone: +49 152 237 623 71