Frank - Santai Massage

I am Frank and since 1961 a Stuttgarter.

My great interest in touch and massages has become an integral part of my personality. I have experienced and felt almost all forms of massages intensively on my own body, ranging from medical massages to holistic massages.

Since 2009 I have been on a journey to develop and refine my own quality of touch and massage work. Various training courses in bodywork have made me the masseur I am today.

Constantly learning, open to new things, observant, mindful, curious, playful and full of joy, I give people the opportunity to experience their idea of ​​a soothing massage and touch. Individual and intuitive.

Finding access to a person through touch is a gift for me. To me it is always astonishing to experience how different people's desires are and what different ideas they have of a harmonious quality of touch and massage.

During the massage I keep a safe and protected space that allows trust to grow and in which it is possible to let go, relax, let emotions come and go, to feel and experience new things or simply to enjoy .

My massages are accompanied by wonderful music. The right music works often enough as an amplifier of your emotions, or as a tool to connect with the deeper layers of your being.

I welcome you warmly to experience a massage with me.

I am looking forward to you!

My trainings and further education:

Lomi Lomi Master Practitioner by Margareta Kappl
Craniosacral Wellness by Wilhelm and Ingrid Blattner
Fascia massage by Conny Straubinger
Foot massage by Liss Stengel

Individual appointments:

Intuitive Massage for women

Intuitive Massage for men

Lomi Lomi Massage for women

Lomi Lomi Massage for men

Phone: +49 176 956 422 25