Frank - Santai Massage

Touching and being touched, massages in various forms belong to the basic contact experiences for all of us.

In massage we connect with our very being and dive deeply into this special world of calm, slowness, and deep relaxation.

In my massages I hold a safe and protected space that allows you to be relaxed by the touch. The fluidity of my massages support you to stay supple and in flow with your life.

I am glad that my life path has led me into the field of Lomi Lomi massage and has given me the opportunity to follow my heart and do what interests, moves and touches me so much.

I am welcoming you to a massage with me.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you!

My trainings and further education:

Lomi Lomi Master Practitioner with Margareta Kappl in Munich, La Gomera and Hawaii.
Craniosacral Wellness with Wilhelm and Ingrid Blattner.
Fascia massage with Conny Straubinger
Foot massage with Liss Stengel.

Individual appointments:

Intuitive Massage for women

Lomi Lomi Massage for women

Phone: +49 176 956 422 25