Julia - Santai Massage

( year of birth 1980)

To me it is a great enrichment to accompany people on their journey to themselves through touch.

Before I discovered touch and holistic massages for myself, there was a part of me that was driven by inner restlessness. I was searching, but I didn't know which direction to go.

In 2012 I attended my first tantra seminar and this gave my life a new direction.

I realized that I had a longing within me to feel alive and to invigorate my powerful, feminine energy. I wanted to rediscover my passion through a deep connection with myself. And I wanted to accept, recognize, and love myself with everything that defines me.

The biggest impact on my body sensation has been the completely unintentional, mindful and holistic touches and massages. They were the key to everything, and I felt how my powerful life energy was liberated.

Touches and massages have become an indispensable part of my life and I am very happy that my life has led me here.

It is important to me to go into deep, honest and intimate contact with people through my massage work. I invite you into a space where you are protected and all your sensations are allowed and welcome. A space in which you no longer have to play a role, where all masks can fall aside and in which an honest, friendly and loving experience is possible.

I invite you to experience a place where you really don't have to do anything and where you don't have to meet any expectations. Feel welcome to follow the sensations on your skin and inside yourself and to give yourself completely away.

I will accompany you through the entire massage with all of my loving attention.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you and meeting you!

Your Julia

My trainings and further education:

Physical therapist

Advanced training in wellness massages at Promassage and Ulm Kolleg

Lomi Lomi Advanced Practitioner with Margareta Kappl in Munich

Tantramasseur IISB - Bodywork Center Zürich

Tantric massage seminars with Nhanga Ch. Grunow, Didi Liebold and Petra Hällfritzsch
as well as Zinnoberschule Munich (These are well-regarded experts in massage and bodywork, and places of learning.)

Currently in training to become women's masseuse with Nhanga Ch. Grunow, Perlentor


For individual appointments:

Santai-Massage for men

Phone: +49 151 569 193 02

E-Mail: info@santai-massagen.de