Markus - Santai Massage

Sexological Body Therapist (IISB®)

(born 1975)

I was born in beautiful Upper Bavaria. In 2008 I moved to Baden-Württemberg and today I commute between Switzerland and Swabia.

I spent a lot of my professional life in the financial sector. Thereby the career determined my life very strongly.

A strong phase of exhaustion brought me into the world of touch. Through this I found myself, got to know myself and above all felt myself. I felt an incredible liberation, like shaking off old shackles.

I quickly realized that this was my path. Not only for myself, but also in accompanying people.

I want to open safe learning spaces for sexual learning, where it is possible to explore and get to know yourself, as well as finding a connection to oneself.

Exploring new spaces - learning sexuality. I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

My trainings and further education:

  • Sexological Body Therapy IISB® with Janine Hug and Didi Liebold, Bodywork Center Zürich
  • Tantramasseur IISB® Didi Liebold, Janine Hug and Petra Hällfritzsch, Bodywork Center Zürich
  • Systemic Coach, ISB Wiesloch
  • Pelvis Work Practicioner IISB® with Janine Hug, Mirjam Gadient and Eve Eichenberger
  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker IISB® with Didi Liebold and Janine Hug
  • Thai Yoga basic training with Tobias Frank
  • Somatic Sex Counseling IISB® in training with Didi Liebold
  • Certified BeBo® course instructor man and woman at BeBo®
  • Classic Massage Practicioner IISB® with Patrick Angele
  • LomiLomi Practicioner IISB® in training with Janine Hug
  • Psychological Counselor and Life Coach (HP Schule Richter) with Savina Tillmann
  • Aroma Practitioner (HP Schule Richter) with Gudrun Nebel
  • EASB further education "The therapeutic conversation - the equal dialogue" 2020 with Tinu Niederhauser


Member of the European Professional Association for Sexological Bodyworkers EASB

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Individual appointments:

Santai-Massage for men

Lomi Lomi Massage for women

Lomi Lomi Massage for men

Systemic Sexual Coaching

Touch Coaching for Couples

Individual and couple coachings about the topic sexuality (sexual advice)

Phone: CH: +41 76 228 70 93