Current Issues/Corona Info

Protection and hygiene concept

It is guaranteed that you won’t encounter any other person, as we only work by pre-arranged appointments.

Mask ans Test

Within the framework of the currently valid corona protection regulation, each team member can decide for himself/herself about the implementation of the mask obligation or the provision of test evidence.

Your and our protection comes first. Therefore, please come only fully symptom-free.

If you experience any symptoms such as breathing problems, fever, dry cough, loss of taste, nausea or diarrhea that doesn’t stem from allergies, you can of course cancel your appointment on a short notice.

Hand hygiene

A disinfectant station, for your use, is located as you enter our salon. We will also disinfect our hands before we welcome you.

Room hygiene

All storage and contact surfaces, doorknobs, seating areas as well as bathrooms are being cleaned after every use.

Our rooms will be well ventilated before and after each appointment.

Textile hygiene

Naturally, all towels, sheets and covers are used only once and will be freshly provided to you.