Current Issues/Corona Info

Protection and hygiene concept

In order to protect one another, the following conditions of the authorities apply. We will follow these conditions, strictly.
We cannot accept your appointment if you don’t agree to abide by these conditions.

It is guaranteed that you won’t encounter any other person, as we only work by pre-arranged appointments.

Medical mask, 2G and Corona rapid test

Your safety and the safety of our staff comes first.
Please come to an appointment only when you are symptom-free, with a same-day negative Corona rapid test, and a medical mask (Surgical mask or masks of the FFP2 standard).

If you experience any symptoms such as breathing problems, fever, dry cough, loss of taste, nausea or diarrhea that doesn’t stem from allergies, you can of course cancel your appointment on a short notice.

Hand hygiene

A disinfectant station, for your use, is located as you enter our salon. We will also disinfect our hands before we welcome you. For the time being, let's refrain from shaking hands or hugs.

Room hygiene

All storage and contact surfaces, doorknobs, seating areas as well as bathrooms are being disinfected after every use.

Our rooms will be well ventilated, and sanitized, before and after each appointment.

Textile hygiene

Naturally, all towels, sheets and covers are used only once and will be freshly provided to you.

Current restrictions during the massage

At the moment, we are completely avoiding head, neck and face massages in the supine position with the masseur sitting at the top end.

Contact details

Please understand that we have to document your contact information (name and mobile phone number or e-mail address) in combination with the time of your appointment.

Appointment requests with a suppressed telephone number can therefore not be accepted.

We are obliged to forward this data to the health department in case of an infection, for contact tracing purposes.

For example, if someone from our team were to become a suspected case, we would inform you by email. Of course, we handle your data with the utmost confidentiality, and will delete it after 4 weeks.