Individual, Intuitive Massage for women

In the preliminary talk, we will address your wishes. Perhaps you are carrying a topic with you, or you want to pay more attention to a certain area of ​​your body, or you simply want to be surprised by a special, soothing massage.

In this massage we make use of our individual and personal repertoire, which makes every masseuse and masseur special in the Santai.

It is a massage whose course cannot be foreseen. Our individual and intuitive massage is created in the moment and it will be truly unique.

We massage the whole body, but sometimes we put a special emphasis on specific areas of the body. Sometimes hands, feet, the head or other areas of the body may need special attention.

We work with fingers, hands, elbows or forearms. Sometimes we will incorporate elements from the Lomi Lomi massage, classic massage work, fascia massage and mobilization of joints.

We massage dynamically, calmly or both. We massage powerfully, gently or both. Sometimes we are still and let our hands linger protectively.

During the massage we joyfully play with our individual possibilities, which define us as a masseuse and masseur in the Santai. We want this massage to be a special and memorable experience for you.

Suitable music plays an important role in our relaxing, deep massage. We experience again and again how the harmony between touch, massage and music has a special effect on our guests. Feel free to contact us if you want to listen to your own music during the massage.

During the massage you will be undressed. Your intimate area is always covered and will not be touched. You decide in advance to what extent the rest of your body is covered or exposed by the beautiful and tasteful “lunghi” that you receive from us before your massage. All choices are welcome, because everyone has different needs in this regard.

Intuitive Massage appointments

Lana, Reiner, Frank

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