Lomi Lomi Massage for men

The Lomi Lomi is originally a Hawaiian method of healing. However, it was also practiced as a ritual of passage. It is usually performed with fingers, hands and forearms. Many Hawaiian families had their own style which they have passed down from generation to generation. This explains why Lomi Lomi can be carried out very differently.

We work on a warmed massage table with plenty of warm oil and long rhythmic strokes over the whole body, which are carried out with the hands and the soft part of the forearm. The head, hands and feet are also intensively involved. The dynamics as well as the depth of the touch varies in Lomi. Stretching, joint work and deep fascia massage can also be incorporated.

Last but not least, the massage will be accompanied by wonderful, light Hawaiian music, which has a very calm and pleasant rhythm. It complements and accompanies the Lomi Lomi massage wonderfully.

Our massage is constantly evolving, depending on what we discussed together in advance of the massage. We intuitively follow the script given to us by your body and being.

During the massage you will be undressed. Your intimate area is always covered and will not be touched. You decide in advance to what extent the rest of your body is covered or exposed by the beautiful and tasteful “lunghi” that you receive from us before your massage. All choices are welcome, because everyone has different needs in this regard.

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