Santai-Massage for men

Santai-Massage is our interpretation of Tantra Massage, where each of our body therapists incorporate their own way of touching.

In the massage we do not follow any particular procedure but respond to each guest individually with our intuition. The mastery of diverse massage techniques and the awareness of sensual touch quality characterizes our holistic approach.

During the Santai-Massage it is important for us that you can relax your body and that your soul feels safe.

We focus especially on your current emotional state as well as introducing you to a body experience that allows you to experience a new sense of self.

The tantric philosophy teaches us to perceive and touch the whole body and its essence, without aiming at a goal. In the Santai Tantra Massage we meet you without any reservations and touch you without intention or goal in a protected setting. We do not evaluate how the body reacts to our touch.

If you want to have a profound massage experience, we suggest you go into our massage without concrete expectations. That way, you enable an encounter with yourself in which you can discover and experience yourself anew.

Tantric massage at Santai is a holistic full body massage in which your lingam (male intimate area) is included in a very natural and harmonious way. We will accompany you lovingly, with our full attention, massaging your entire body, without exception. The touch of the intimate area in the massage is not meant to sexualize you, however we will give your lingam the same attention as the rest of your body, therefore it will be included in the massage as a natural part of your body. In the process, different feelings can show themselves, both sensual and pleasurable, perhaps none at all, or feelings such as pain, anger or sadness. Of course you determine which touch is appropriate for you in the respective massage. Sometimes it can be just holding. Of course, we also omit your intimate area if desired.

Santai-Massage is about giving you a new, holistic body experience. We would like to accompany you into a feeling directed inward, into you body. As with all massage work, you as the recipient of the Santai-Massage are in a completely passive, purely receiving role. An exchange of touch is not part of our offer.

Our massage is often perceived as close, sensual, intimate and touching. It is perfectly ok if this also triggers feelings of lust and arousal in you. Feel free to go into movement, breath and voice if you feel impulsive to do so. Enjoy the massage and let us guide you into a relaxing, joyful and healing experience.

Nevertheless, we ask you to acknoledge as well as ask for your understanding that we have no sexual interest in you. Our massages are not hidden or open invitations to sexual interactions. We do not want you to sexualize us as massage therapists and certainly we will not engage in a sexual adventure. So please refrain from asking for sexual intercourse, oral sex or any other sexual interaction.

Only if you accept this trusting framework and are willing to engage with a heartfelt YES, then we as masseurs can engage with you with our open hearts as well.

Give yourself completely to the beauty of feeling inward, of receiving without having to do anything, and give yourself the great chance to savor this feeling, which may be new to you.

The word “lingam” comes from Indian Sanskrit (literally: sign, symbol) and names the entire male intimate area.
We use this expression because it is free from habits of our everyday language. The lingam massage is part of the Tantra massage for the men.
Together we explore the touches that feel enjoyable to you. Without expectations and pressure to perform, you can surrender in a pleasant and protected atmosphere, trusting in the hands of an experienced masseuse/masseur who will accompany you on the journey through your own body.

Pelvic floor, anal-and prostate area:
If desired, a pelvic floor, anal and prostate massage can be embedded in the full body massage. The entire pelvic floor and anal area are first massaged externally and touched slowly and with great sensitivity. With permission from you as the recipient and as your body opens to it, it goes inward. We use disposable gloves and lubricant for this.
Many men find the massage of the protate pleasurable. However, it can feel uncomfortable the first time.
We invite you to try and experiment. If you like, talk to the masseuse/masseur about your experiences and tell her/him during the massage what is good for you and when it is no longer comfortable for you.

Prostate massage from 2 hours massage time possible.

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