Santai women massage – Break New Ground

What is special about the Santai women massage – Break New Ground?

The Santai women massage-Break New Ground is a process-oriented, energetic full-body massage that aims to initiate and accompany a physical – mental – spiritual and spiritual process. The journey is the goal.

A central instrument of this massage is communication, speaking about your experiences, your sensations and perceptions while I touch you. Through this conversation we can find out how you, as the receiving woman, want to be touched in a holistic way and within your personal limits. This helps you to perceive your own sexuality as well as future encounters with partners more clearly. Furthermore, it can help to express what you want, what you don’t want, or what you want differently.

I include your intimate area in a very natural way. This happens without any pressure of expectation, without having to function and beyond social conventions. I cordially invite you to experience yourself, to explore and to express what you have experienced. Your sexual energy is your greatest creative power. Cultivating this power helps you to achieve more power, strength, fulfillment, lust, enjoyment of life as well as wholeness. Last but not least, sexual energy can also lead you into deep spiritual worlds.

During the massage I am not only guided by your being and your physical body, but also see you as a body of energy with all its energy channels, as we know from many Far Eastern healing approaches.

You embark on a journey to perceive and feel your body, to yourself. Perhaps it is also a journey to unexplored countries.

This journey is an adventure in which curiosity, courage, a spirit of discovery, presence and the willingness to appreciate the new and the unknown are helpful. Old well-trodden patterns can be abandoned, and new paths can be explored. I am your travel companion, who, through my touch, gives you a mindful and respectful impuls to relax, to feel and feel into your body. You yourself are an active part of our journey together.

I will show you how you can expand your feelings through breath, movement, voice and language and how you can express your experiences in conversations with me.
The massage is embedded in a ritual that creates the space to leave everyday life and (possibly stressful) experiences behind and to enter new emotional spaces.

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