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Information, questions and answers about Santai Tantra Massage:

The Santai-Massage is characterized by the fact that the intimate area is harmoniously included in a sensual full-body massage. As with any massage work, the recipient of the Santai-Massage is thereby in a completely passive, purely receiving role.

The entire body is massaged without exception, in doing so, the touch of the intimate area should not “sexualize” the massage, but rather integrate pleasurable and sensual feelings into the entire spectrum of a new body experience.

Tantra Massage education teaches one to perceive and touch the entire body and its essence without aiming for a goal. We meet the massage guest without any pressure and do not evaluate how the body reacts to touch. (At the request of our guests, we also omit the intimate area.)

It is important to us that you feel comfortable during the massage and that we touch and accompany you, appropriately.

It is important not to bring concrete expectations to the tantra massage in order to indulge the massage experience. This allows you to rediscover and experience yourself.

I am not looking for an adventure, but for mindful, holistic touch. Am I in the right place here?

You are absolutely right here. That is exactly what we offer. We give you mindful, holistic touch in a protected setting. We massage your entire body, without exception.

Can sexual exchange occur during Santai Tantra Massage?

No. There is no sexual intercourse or other sexual interactions in our massages. We have no sexual interest in you and our massages are in no way a hidden invitation to sexual interactions. We do not want you to sexualize us as massage therapists. You would deprive us of the foundation of our work and make a massage impossible.

Our work is about accompanying people into a new body experience where you can feel and get to know yourself in a whole new way.

May I also touch the masseuse who massages me during the tantric massage?

No. You remain in a completely passive, purely receiving role. Although we understand very well that you want to give something back, because during a Santai-Massage a high intimacy and closeness can develop. An exchange of touch is not part of what we offer.

Our massage is about guiding you into a new, holistic body experience. We are about accompanying you into a feeling directed inward, into your body. However, you are welcome to go into movement, breath and voice if you feel impulses to do so. Enjoy the massage and surrender without wanting to become active. Only if you accept this trusting framework, we as masseurs can get involved with you. Give yourself completely to the beauty of feeling and receiving. Through the simple concept of one-sidedness of touch, you give yourself the chance to penetrate into new dimensions of your ability to perceive. That is what our holistic massages are all about. Trust us.

Is the masseur also naked during the Santai Tantra Massage?

Yes, basically we are both naked during the massage, because being naked is being human in its originality. At the beginning we both wear a cloth. Later we are both unclothed, unless you would prefer the masseuse/masseur to wear panties. Sometimes, however, the masseuse/masseur may feel the need to wear panties. We are respectful of your needs and also ask for respect for our individual decision to want to wear a slip in some massages.

Is an intmate massage without an erection also possible during the tantric massage?

For the massage it does not matter if you get an erection or not. The lingam massage can be a pleasurable experience even without an erection.

Is an erection, an ejaculation, an orgasm okay during the Tantra Massage?

During the Tantra Massage it is allowed to have an erection, an ejaculation and an orgasm. In the course of the massage we do not intentionally head towards it. The purposelessness and the aimlessness in the touch and the presence for the moment create these enchanting moments, which can be a new, profound experience for you.

How much time can I plan for a visit to Santai?

The time indicated for the massages is the pure time. Allow an additional 30-45 minutes for pre-talk, post rest, shower and post talk.

(For coaching sessions that consist of a pre-talk, bodywork and post-talk, you may also need to plan additional time for showering).

Tips for contacting and booking appointments.

Please come to the appointment on time, but not before the agreed time. This is because we need the full time available to us to prepare the rooms, to get in the inner mood for the massage or bodywork, and we want to avoid guests bumping into each other in the practice.

We are a practice that works only by appointment. We do not offer spontaneous appointments.
Please book your appointment by phone only with a visible phone number or via E-Mail/SMS/WhatsApp in advance. We ask for your understanding that calls with suppressed number will not be answered.

If we are unable to take your call personally, please feel free to leave your appointment request on the answering machine. Let us know if you want us to call you back so we can offer you the greatest possible confidentiality.

If you contact us via E-Mail, SMS or WhatsApp, we assume that it is ok for you that we contact you back. We will do so as soon as it is possible for us.

Do I need to bring anything to the massage or bodywork/consultation?

You do not need to bring anything extra for the massage or bodywork/consultation. Towels, shower utensils, etc. are provided.

How can I pay for the massage and bodywork and sex consultations?

Please note that only cash payment is possible for massages with us. We do not accept credit or debit cards. Payment of the invoice for bodywork/sexual counseling is usually made in advance by invoice transfer or, if applicable, in cash on the day of the appointment.

What about hygiene in the practice?

We attach great importance to hygiene and cleanliness in our practice.

The shower and toilette are cleaned after each use. Of course, the linen and towels are changed after each use, slippers are washed and disinfected.

Before and after each Tantra Massage we shower and disinfect our hands thoroughly.

During a yoni massage we use disposable gloves.

Of course, we also use disposable gloves for anal/prostate massage.

Yoni massage:
Intimate massage for women

The word “yoni” comes from the Indian Sanskrit (literally: origin) and names the entire female intimate area (vulva, vagina, uterus).

We use this term because it is free from habits of our everyday language. The yoni massage is part of the Tantra Massage for women.

Together we explore the touches that feel enjoyable to you. We place special emphasis on performing the yoni massage in a pleasant and protected atmosphere, where you can confidently surrender to the hands of an experienced masseuse/masseur. We accompany you on the journey through your own body.

Lingam massage:
Intimate massage for men

The word “lingam” comes from the Indian Sanskrit (literally: sign, symbol) and names the entire male intimate area.

We use this expression because it is free from habits of our everyday language. The lingam massage is part of the Tantra Massage for men.

Together we explore the touches that feel enjoyable to you. Without expectations and pressure to perform, you can surrender in a pleasant and protected atmosphere, trusting in the hands of an experienced masseuse/masseur who will accompany you on the journey through your own body.

Pelvic floor, anal, prostate massage:

The prostate massage is embedded in the full body massage. The entire pelvic floor and anal area are first massaged externally and touched with slowness and great sensitivity. If desired, the massage goes inside. For this we use disposable gloves and lubricating gel.

Many men find the massage of the prostate pleasurable. However, it can feel uncomfortable the first time.

We invite you to try and experiment. If you like, talk to the masseuse/masseur about your experience and tell/him during the massage what feels good and what does not feel pleasant.