Individual Tantra Massage
Ostfildern / Stuttgart / Esslingen

Information about Tantra massage:

Tantra massage is characterized by integrating the intimate area harmoniously into a sensual full body massage.

The touch of the intimate area should not “sexualize” the massage. Instead, it integrates pleasurable and sensual feelings into the entire spectrum of a new body experience.

Tantric philosophy teaches one to perceive and touch the entire body and its essence without aiming for a goal. We meet the massage guest without any pressure and do not evaluate how the body reacts to touch. (At the request of our guests, we also omit the intimate area.)

It is important to us that you feel comfortable during the massage and that we touch and accompany you, appropriately.

It is important not to bring concrete expectations to the tantra massage in order to indulge the massage experience. This allows you to rediscover and experience yourself.

Lingam massage:

Intimate massage for men

The word “Lingam” comes from the Indian Sanskrit (literally: sign, symbol) and names the entire male genital area.

We use this term because it is free from the habits of everyday language. The lingam massage is part of the man’s tantra massage.

We adjust this massage to your individual wishes and needs. Without expectations and pressure to perform, you can confidently surrender to the hands of an experienced masseuse in a pleasant and sheltered atmosphere, accompanying you on your journey through your own body.

Pelvic floor, anal, prostate massage:

The prostate massage is embedded in the full body massage. The entire pelvic floor and anal area are first massaged externally and touched with slowness and great sensitivity. On request, also the insides are touched. We use disposable gloves and lubricants – hygiene is important to us.

The massage of the prostate is perceived by many men as pleasurable. However, the first time can feel uncomfortable.

We invite you to try and experiment. If you like, you can talk to the masseuse about your experience and tell her or him during the massage what feels pleasant and what feels unpleasant.

Yoni massage:

Intimate massage for women

The word “Yoni” comes from the Indian Sanskrit (literally: origin) and names the entire female genital area (vulva, vagina, uterus).

We use this term because it is free from the habits of everyday language. The Yoni massage is part of the Tantra massage for the woman.

We adjust this massage to your individual wishes and needs. We place great value on performing the Yoni massage in a pleasant and sheltered atmosphere, in which you can confidently surrender yourself to the hands of an experienced masseuse or masseur. We accompany you on the journey through your own body.

Is the masseuse or masseur naked during the massage?

Usually, our tantra massages are performed naked.

Nakedness is to be human in its originality. We meet as equals without protective covers.

May I also touch the woman who massages me?

During a tantric massage, a high level of intimacy may arise, in which especially men would like to give something back out of habit. We understand that well, yet we urge you to take a passive role in the massage.

The masseuse can get involved better if you passively enjoy the massage. As a result, you will have a unique experience in intensity and closeness.

Is an erection, an ejaculation, and an orgasm okay?

Is an intimate massage without erection also possible?

For the massage, it does not matter if you get an erection or not. The Lingam massage can be an enjoyable experience even without an erection.

During the tantric massage it may come to an orgasm and an ejaculation. However, in the course of the massage, according to the tantric philosophy, we do not aim for it. The intuition in the touch and the presence for the moment create these enchanted moments, which for many are a new experience.

Is sexual intercourse possible during a massage?

No. Our work is about accompanying people into a new body experience in which they can feel and get to know themselves in a completely new way.

Sexual intercourse and other sexual interactions are not offered in any form. They assume a passive role in the massage.

What about hygiene at the institute?

Hygiene and cleanliness are very important in our institute.

After each use, the showers and toilets are cleaned. Of course, the laundry and slippers are changed after each use, as well as disinfected.

Before and after each Tantra massage, we take a shower and thoroughly disinfect our hands.

With a yoni massage we use disposable gloves.

Of course, we also use disposable gloves for the anal / prostate massage.