Santai Massage for women

The Santai Massage is a form of Tantra Massage in which each of our body therapists uses their own individual way to touch.

During the massage we do not follow a specific procedure. Instead we use our repertoire of techniques and our senses to please every guest individually.

During the Santai massage, it is important to us that you can relax your body and that your soul feels safe.

We are especially focused on perceiving you in your current state of mind and giving you a body experience, which leads to a new self-perception.

The mastery of diverse massage techniques and the awareness of sensual touch quality characterize our holistic approach.

The Santai massage can also trigger sensual feelings such as pleasure and arousal, with which we accompany you into a relaxing, healing, and joyful experience.

Santai-Massage appointments

Lana, Ulrike, Reiner

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