Touch Coaching for Couples

Touch is so much more than just skin contact. Touch stimulates the imagination and tells stories. It is also seductive, sensual, and powerful, as well as humorous. It should be without a predetermined destination to accompany the recipient on his unique sensual journey, always in contact with himself, his partner, and the coach. Touch means to be accepted and understood by the partner as well as being able to fall unconditionally! Can anything be better?

With our Couples Touch Coaching, we want to give couples a more specific touch quality in their partnership and give new impulses. Simple massage techniques are taught as well as how to establish a good massage setting, along with utensils that are needed to enhance the massage. In addition, unintentional touch, communication as well as contact are subjects of the coaching.

Materials used for the Touch Couple Coachings are provided by us.

We recommend 3 hours for the initial Touch Coaching Session.

Touch Coaching for Couples appointments


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