Ulrike Schmidt

Health practitioner (BfG*) for sexual culture DGAM

(Born 1958)

In 2004 something happened that changed my life significantly. (But I wasn't aware of that at the time). A friend was looking for a "model" to practice a massage, which she said was a full body massage that would leave nothing out, including the private parts. I was slightly shocked or irritated. And if it hadn't been my long-time friend, I wouldn't have gotten involved with 'something like that'. But curiosity won and I agreed.

The massage was a completely new experience for me. I would never have thought that touch could be so relaxing and nourishing, so sensual and pleasurable and at the same time so healing! A new world opened up to me. I sense that there is a lot more to learn, experience and explore.
And a great longing grew in me: I wanted to be reconnected with my basic feminine power!

I took tantra massage courses with Nhanga Grunow, to whom I have been closely connected as an assistant ever since.

I have a dream: body and sexual culture are as natural as food culture. There is still too much fast food and ready-made meals in terms of sex and physicality with which we can be fobbed off. How about a little more enjoyment, awareness, lust and body pleasure? I want to contribute to such a sexual culture!

Have the courage to break the ground! I`m happy for you!

My trainings and further education:

Tantric massage, pelvic floor and anal massage by Nhanga Ch. Grunow and Didi Liebold

Perlentor Womenmassage education by Nhanga Ch. Grunow

Health Practitioner (BfG*) for sexual culture DGAM

Individual appointments:

Santai-Massage for women

Santai women massage - Break New Ground

Phone: +49 160 90 333 681

E-Mail: ulrike@hitschler.org