Welcome to Santai

Holistic Massage, Coaching and Counseling

We are a highliy qualified team with premium training in massage und bodywork. We either work therapeutically or advisory. We accompany you through our various offers of touch and massage in a unique, individual experience of your personal sensations.

In the Santai, you, as an individual, are the focus of attention. We touch you with joy. We are curious, imaginative, sensual, playful, mindful and affectionate. You are invited to let go and present yourself with everything that makes you unique. We understand your desire for the loving, enjoyable, and authentic acceptance of your whole being and your very own desire.

We welcome you with your joy, vitality, strength, lust and sensuality, but also with your sadness, anger, pain and emotional wounds.

We welcome your longing for heart connection and heart opening, for restoration of your inner balance, for deep relaxation and connection with your life energy and sexuality. We accept your wish to enjoy and celebrate yourself as well as to relax deeply.

In the protected space of the Santai all of this can be seen. You can trust that we will accompany you mindfully and unintentional with our open-hearted and loving manner, as well as our presence and respect.

Helping you to be in connection with your body and life energy is our desire and an important driving force behind our work. Because a good connection to your own body and free flowing life energy is the prerequisite for pure happiness, satisfaction and health.

Dates by appointment

For an appointment, please contact  Lana, Ulrike, Reiner directly.

We are a practice that works only by appointment. We do not offer spontaneous appointments. Please book your appointment by phone only with visible number or via E-mail/SMS/WhatsApp in advance. We ask for your understanding that calls with a suppressed number will not be answered.

If we are unable to take your call personally, please feel free to leave your appointment request on the answering machine. Let us know if you want us to call you back so we can offer you the greatest possible confidentiality.

If you contact us via E-mail, SMS or WhatsApp, we assume that it is ok for you that we contact you back. We will do so as soon as it is possible for us.

Please arrive on time for the appointment but not before the agreed time and plan for massages an additional 30 minutes for preliminary discussion, shower and resting afterwards.

Please note that only cash payment is possible for massages with us. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

Payment of the invoice for bodywork/sexual counseling is usually made in advance by invoice transfer or, if applicable, in cash on the day of the appointment.

You do not need to bring anything extra for the massage or bodywork/consultation. Towels, shower utensils, etc. are provided.

For general questions, see our Infos and FAQ section

We are looking forward to your visit.